Welcome to the First Blog Post

_DSC0984As I write my first blog post I have in the back of my mind the snow fall warning of today. The thermometer says -10C but it really feels like -17C. I want to go out shooting around the neighbourhood with all the snow coming down and the lovely frost on all the trees. Will it be too cold for my camera? The drawback of living on the prairies in winter is how cold it really does get which makes it hard to go out and take photos.

Some of the most loveliest of scenes is in the winter when there is ice crystals floating in the air or when the lights of the city shine straight up in the sky instead of the usual round aura of light. This phenomenon is called Light Pillars. You can read about it on the Weather Doctor’s web page http://www.islandnet.com/~see/weather/eyes/pillars.htm   I usually see them in the early morning when I am off to work and unable to stop to grab a shot. Another item that is common here is Sun Dogs. These are little rainbow color lights beside where the sun is shining.

Enjoy this picture of Mountain Ash Berries that I took today when I DID go out to take pictures.