You haven’t seen nothin’ yet!

A few  things happened to spur this blog post. I saw on Facebook that a friend of my daughter’s made a comment about how high school was so… long ago. Now my daughter and her friend are only 25 years old. Wasn’t it just yesterday they were in high school? You are already looking back and reminiscing? What I like to say to them is, “You haven’t seen nothin’ yet!!” You have SO much more ahead of you and you don’t know what you are headed for.

Another thing that happened was that my Aunt who was married to my late Uncle died today at age 93.  I can just picture her looking at me and saying “You haven’t seen nothing yet!” And she would be absolutely right. Just like my daughter’s friend, I still have a whole life ahead of me to live ( albeit maybe not as long as she has).

The last item that happened today was my picking up the finished framed picture which I received from the best friend a person could have. (See the picture and her website here:)  We recently came back from visiting her in Tasmania.

We have been friends for many years. Our friendship started when I was just a child, soon after my father died. It was devastating to lose a father so young. The pain never really goes away. I miss him every single day. But I’m happy that I have had my Mother with me for so long and still have her.

PJ came in to my life when I needed a good friend.

PJ and me in the 70's

PJ and me in the 70’s

She has been there ever since. Now I would like to say that we never lost touch but we did. When I didn’t know where she was, I had a big hole in my life. When we started the friendship, if you would have told me what our lives were going to be like, I would never would have believed you. Her living in Australia and me living on the Prairies in Canada! Being friends since childhood means that now when I talk about things she understands totally especially since she knows right where I came from and I to her. Husbands and children are close but they will never know the child you once were.

PJ and Me now in Jan 2013

PJ and Me now in Jan 2013

Just as my daughter and friends have started their lives they have no idea what the next 40, 50, 60 + years will hold. Who knows if they will still be friends. I hope they will all still be alive.

Both PJ and I are in a good spot now and are trying to expand our love of our type of art. She, a watercolor painter and me, a photographer. Both of us would love to do it full time but no one really knows what their future holds. Probably it is better that way, so we can look at every day as an adventure.

I wonder if my Aunt was happy with the adventures she had? Fortunately my mother, who is in her 80,’s still can have adventures. She talks about days when she was growing up in a little wooden shack on the Manitoba prairies, meeting my father, waiting for my father to return from war  in order to be married ( he was part of the merchant marines), having 6 children, becoming a single parent so early, being a grandmother and great grandmother and the other many adventures that happened after. The things she has seen from using horses for transportation to today, cars! Computer?! I am very proud of how she has learned to use one, though some days she threatens to toss it in the garbage. Will my daughter be riding in a spaceship when she is my mom’s age? Will humanity have taken care of the earth long enough to be around when my daughter is in her 80’s. A person can get lost daydreaming and thinking of what the future holds.

Stay tuned and you too will find out how my future unfolds while I write about it in this little blog of mine. I will be savoring every moment of my future. You can ‘like’ my Facebook page as well to see how my photography progresses.

I hope like my mother, I will be able to live into my 80’s and beyond and still be as fit as she is now.

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  1. Thank you for your memories. File them away in your mind to take out and look at in your 80’s. You never know your computer might break down or permanently die (haha. I often want to shhot mine.) MUM

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