Ride Em’ Cowboy and/or Cowgirl!

Last weekend I had the pleasure of taking in my first indoor rodeo. I have been to an outdoor rodeo eons ago where I saw Chuckwagon races. I was just a teenager and was able to see all of the action from the bleachers but it was a fair distance away from the action. This time I was up front and close enough that dirt and other forms of brown stuff hit my face as the riders rode by. I was covering the action for our local newspaper. I love action photography. To catch someone or something in the middle of an intense action thrills me to no end. I get a rush of adrenaline if I capture the shot of the day. In this case it was the horse and their rippling muscles as they flex their bodies in hopes of throwing the rider off of them. The bull twisting his massive body to and fro. The concentration of the female rider as she takes command of her horse. The male roper as he concentrates on jumping off his horse to grab the bull by the horns.





The audience was entertained by the rodeo clown. He had the corniest jokes but he was hard not to laugh at because of the other laughter erupting from the rest of the crowd. His wardrobe in itself was funny. He did have to show us the many layers of clothing he had on. He exclaimed he bought if from the greatest store ever, Value Village. For those not familiar with Value Village it is a huge store which sells  second hand clothing, furniture, appliances etc. It would be a great place to find clown paraphernalia and also for Halloween costumes. The Rodeo Clown also entertained us with a race between two audience members, a young girl and an adult man, which made the audience squeal with laughter once again.


The night ended too soon but nevertheless I enjoyed it while it lasted. I am hooked. I will be looking to go to my next rodeo but I think I would like to go to an outdoor one. I had a little trouble with the lighting inside and had to bump up my ISO which produced a little grainy of a picture.  Have you gone to a rodeo before? Was it indoor or outdoor? What did you like best about it? Have you taken action photos at it?

Please share this blog. I like meeting new friends.

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9 thoughts on “Ride Em’ Cowboy and/or Cowgirl!

  1. Averil, these are fabulous rodeo photos that you took! Most impressive! I also enjoyed reading about your rodeo experience. 🙂

    • Thank you Annie. I used my fast lens, 70 – 200mm f2.8 lens and I kept bumping up the ISO until the histogram was just right. I also used a wide aperture as much as I could while still using a semi fast shutter speed to grab the action. Even with all that it was difficult so in lightroom I adjusted the white balance and used the luminosity. But I still had grain but I figured it was better than blurred shots.

      Hope that helps. If you would like details on specific shots I can let you know.

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