Spring Show – Need Help

I plan on entering some of these in the upcoming Spring Show with the Photo Club I am belong to. I want to come up with some catchy names for the photos. I feel catchy names also are a tool for people to be drawn to the picture. Are you able to help me out? Just make a comment below this post with your idea(s) for a name

What do you think of the picture of the little boy directly below being called “Water Giggles”I 

I wanted to update you on how the show went. Please see the results in red. Please excuse the iPhone pictures.


This one of the boy I named “Water Giggles” and it won me first prize in the Color Photo – People Category



This purple Iris I name “Purple Iris” and I entered in the Color Photo – Floral category and it didn’t place


This little bird one I named “Yellowstone Bird” and it won first in the Color – animal category



I decided not to enter this one of the moth.


I decided not to enter this one either.


I decided not to enter this one either. I only wanted to enter one flower and the purple iris more people commented on. I thank you for helping me with that decision.


I didn’t enter this one either


I named this one “I’m Still Standing” of the petrified tree in Yellowstone National Park. I put it in the digital manipulated photo category. (I had put 2 different textures behind the photo then changed it to painting in photoshop) This won me first place in the category.


I also entered another picture that you have seen in previous posts which I named “Fly Fishing in Yellowstone” this won me Best of the Show”


Thank you once again for all the help you gave. I am leaving for Prince Edward Island in a few days. I am looking forward to documenting my stay with pictures. Stay tune as I will be posting these on this blog.

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  1. Hmm, I am just awful with titles myself, Averil! I like the first shot and the title you’ve given it, it really resonates with the picture. I really love all the colors and details you’ve brought out in this set, this is a great series!!!

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