Road ghosts?

Another phenomenon up here in cold country is the wind blowing snow across the road. It looks like the vapor you see from dry ice. It is very eerie looking as a person drives down the road. As it floats across the road it hides any black ice that may be on the road and can be dangerous. The very least is the snow drifts it causes on the road and if a driver is able to, they will avoid those drifts at all costs as no one knows how deep they really are.

On the day that these pictures were taken, it was after work just as the sun was going down. There was a slight fog out so I was able to look directly into the sun and see the large round bright circle the sun is made up of. The wind was blowing quite heavily and I had to turn my head away from the wind so I was able to see where I was walking. My hair was flowing to and fro and as the wind hit my face it produced a sharp icy cold. The wind being inhaled made me cough from the chill. A remote start for the car is nice but also a wonderful necessity so that when I enter my car I am able to touch the steering wheel without my hands freezing. Most people here keep an emergency kit in their trunk just in case it gets so cold Continue reading