Lost the Drive

Saskatoon Sunset

Let me first apologize. I haven’t written a new post for quite some time. I apologize for that. You see the wind had gone out of my sails. Let me go back and start at the beginning.

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I was sitting down working on pictures and I was thinking to my self. “Self you need to back up these photos before you lose any of them. I will need to get another extended hard drive to do that. I wonder what kind I could get that would be reliable. I should go and look in the latest office supply flyer to see if there are any on sale” I went to put my lap top down on, I must confess, a very cluttered table. Moving things around so I could place the lap top on a smooth surface so it wouldn’t fall. Bang goes the extended hard drive, which was operating at the time, on to the floor. Oooops. Oh well pick it up and carry on.

“Self you better check that out the extended hard drive to see that nothing serious happened to it.” I tried to go into the files on the drive but nothing showed up. I will shut it down and reboot the computer then it will work I am sure. Still nothing. Oh well, no worries, the boy (my son) is a computer pro he will be able to fix it. I brought it to him and he had many ideas on how to get it to work. Whew I knew he could work it out.

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As the weeks went by and the boy kept trying I realized I better send it to the local computer store where they had special equipment for this kind of accident. Getting worried now. I better check it out with a facebook photography group I belong to. I am sure they have ideas. There was one fellow that recommended a place in another part of Canada that could help me. I will try him if local computer store guy can’t fix it. What will happen if I can’t get those files back I wondered. Worrying now.

I sat down trying to remember everything that was on there besides the thousands and thousands of pictures I took not to mention the ones I took when the children were small. There were office files which included the records kept for the tax man, family history, my mother’s stories she made years ago, trips I took over the years, and the list goes on. What will I do if I can’t get them back?!

Local computer store tech guy explains that he can’t get the material off the hard drive. He knows of a company out of Vancouver that helped a local photographer out when his hard drive crashed. But there is the fellow from the facebook group I belong to, recommended to me whom he had to use.

In the end I chose the facebook group guy’s advice. I got a hold of this company and started the ball rolling. Sent the extended hard drive disk to him. In a few days they sent an estimate for $1850. and $95 hard drive to put any files they retrieve on to. The small print also explained that this is an estimate and after they get going the costs may be more depending if it was more difficult than originally thought.

So that is the situation up to date. In between all of this I hadn’t taken many photos that I could share with you dear readers. I was feeling all out of steam trying to deal with this loss and couldn’t muster the ability to create a new blog post. But wait I also knew that I didn’t lose my camera or the ability to take photos and I came to the realization this is only a little set back. The one thing that helps me cure the doldrums is to get out the camera and go and take more photos.

Saskatchewan Sunset

The photos you see here are ones that I have taken since the accident. I also went on the Scott Kelby Worldwide Photowalk on October 5th and took some photos there. Being surround by other like-minded photographers and talking shop is a cure in itself.

So the lessons I learned were to back up, back up and back up my files over again. What a supportive family I have and when it comes down to the crunch they will always be there. The boy (my son) is going to set up a system where I can put  photos on an extended hard drive and automatically it will back up to another one. I have the money to pay for the company to recover my files but it means I will have to forget about getting that new camera any time soon. My family didn’t want me to have to spend that so they have offered to help me in paying to recover files. They have also been willing to accompany me on different excursions to take more photos. They have also had encouraging chats with me to build up my spirits.

So on this Canadian Thanksgiving Day (October 14, 2013) I want to give thanks for all that I do have. A very supportive family and many wonderful friends, a great job, the ability to do the photography I do do and living in a wonderful country, Canada. With all the abundance that I do have, how could I have room to worry about what I have lost such as the files in the hard drive.

As a follow up to this post: I have received back from the Recovery company ALL of the files I thought I lost. It cost me just under $2100.00. Please learn from my mistake and go back up your files now.

Sunset on the Prairies

A Century year old? You don’t look a day over 99!


This past weekend I had the opportunity to partake in a celebration. It was to celebrate the birthday of a place that was either a work place or home for some. The place I am referring to is called the Saskatchewan Hospital. It is a place that has helped thousands of people who have had or have mental health issues. It was built in 1913 under the superintendent Dr James MacNeill. He believed that people who suffered with mental issues were not criminals as the majority thought at that time. People believed that insanity was a criminal offense and with such should be sent to prison.  MacNeill believed because they were not criminals he was able to get these people to go to an asylum in Manitoba.

_DSC6523_HDR _DSC6520_HDR _DSC6539

The asylum was not any better than the prisons they had been sent to before. So Saskatchewan decide to build a hospital to house their citizens that were diagnosed ‘insane’. It was believed that the beauty, trees, scenery, river, good air and quiet rest would help in the cure of the patients more than any other treatment available. The province didn’t spare any expense to build. Originally it allowed $450,000 for the building but in the end it ended up costing $1,000,000.

There were houses built on the property to house the doctors, nurses, and other people that were needed to run the hospital. With that were children which needed a school to go to. As well as playgrounds, and recreational fields. There were gardens to grow the food that fed the population. It was it’s own little community.

 _DSC6602 _DSC6621_HDR _DSC6526_HDR

One of the tour guides that took us around the grounds last weekend recounted how it was like to grow up on the grounds. The teacher they all loved, the smells coming from the bakery, the camaraderie amongst all the families living on the grounds. She loved growing up there and there was no danger felt by anyone.



_DSC6506 _DSC6507 _DSC6508_HDR _DSC6510 _DSC6512 _DSC6514 _DSC6515

MacNeill did much to remove the stigmatism that the patients were not prisoners. He removed all the bars off the windows, got rid of the airing courts, had the patients work in the hospital and its grounds, forbade any mechanical restraints and the term asylum was not to be used.

By 1946 the number of patients peaked at 4,000. The hospital was first to use many of the medication advancements so by 1980 that number dropped to 300. Patients were allowed to live in the community while been overseen by medical staff.

_DSC6575 _DSC6570 _DSC6566

Now that the hospital has reached an age of 100 years and the wards that were once the top of the line are now old.


It is time for newer surroundings for the citizens and staff. Plans are being made for a new hospital to be built on the same grounds so the view, trees, and peaceful surroundings can still be used.


The pictures of the buildings and grounds along with the artifacts seen in the museum on site tell just a little bit of the story of the hospital. For a more in depth story please click on this hyperlink Sask Hospital History to read a (PDF format)  detailed  history and see old pictures of this wonderful hospital.

No one’s gonna break my stride

This blog post doesn’t have to do with photography but I will place a few pictures I have been working on lately but I wanted to write something that I have been pondering lately.

Daisies in Bloom

I work as a dispatcher/office clerk during the day. Some days it gets to be very busy, so much so that the day flies by before I know it. Some days are slow. My main job is to be at the ready to answer the phone. Secondary work is do some accounting, put stats together, and any other office items my boss and/or I can think up. I like to be kept busy but just some days there is nothing much to do but just answer the phone. On days like that the silence is deafening and every little sound the building or the people in the building make I can hear loud and clear. One of the sounds are the sound of footsteps. I can distinguish most of the different footsteps that are coming towards Continue reading

Holy Cow Is It 2013 Already???

At this time of the year people usually reflect on the year before. Things that should have been done and things that did happen. Is there a reason to have regrets?  Maybe that is what drives us to make change. At this time I would hate to break the tradition so I do want to reflect on this last year but I am not reflecting on the items I regret.( Don’t we all regret something?) Rather, I want to show you what I consider to be my best photos of 2012. I feel my photography has improved this past  year. I look forward to what 2013 will bring as well as what I will be able to achieve.


This photo won me first place in the Scott Kelby Photowalk 2012 in the city of Saskatoon, SK. I have been wanting to go on the Worldwide Photowalk for a few years and 2012 was the year I was able to join. Can’t wait until Fall of 2013 to join in again! This photo also won  ‘Best of the Show’ in our local Photo Club Continue reading