Spring Show – Need Help

I plan on entering some of these in the upcoming Spring Show with the Photo Club I am belong to. I want to come up with some catchy names for the photos. I feel catchy names also are a tool for people to be drawn to the picture. Are you able to help me out? Just make a comment below this post with your idea(s) for a name

What do you think of the picture of the little boy directly below being called “Water Giggles”I 

I wanted to update you on how the show went. Please see the results in red. Please excuse the iPhone pictures.


This one of the boy I named “Water Giggles” and it won me first prize in the Color Photo – People Category



This purple Iris I name “Purple Iris” and I entered in the Color Photo – Floral category and it didn’t place


This little bird one I named “Yellowstone Bird” and it won first in the Color – animal category



I decided not to enter this one of the moth.


I decided not to enter this one either.


I decided not to enter this one either. I only wanted to enter one flower and Continue reading

Welcome to the First Blog Post

_DSC0984As I write my first blog post I have in the back of my mind the snow fall warning of today. The thermometer says -10C but it really feels like -17C. I want to go out shooting around the neighbourhood with all the snow coming down and the lovely frost on all the trees. Will it be too cold for my camera? The drawback of living on the prairies in winter is how cold it really does get which makes it hard to go out and take photos.

Some of the most loveliest of scenes is in the winter when there is ice crystals floating in the air or when the lights of the city shine straight up in the sky instead of the usual round aura of light. This phenomenon is called Continue reading