Spring is Here!

Ahhh, the smell of sweet grass growing.  The beginning of colourful flowers emerging from the earth and filling their sweet nectar throughout the air.

The sap starting to move through the tree trunks and in turn the blossoms starting to form and open on the fruit trees, spreading more smells in the fresh air.


The birds have returned and have started building their nests. Robins are up early in the morning looking for big juicy worms that the dew drenched grass has tried to hide. The robins in turned thank us by serenading us with their melodic songs. No wonder this is my favorite time of the year.

Spring is Here!Robin

BUT…. Continue reading

Holy Cow Is It 2013 Already???

At this time of the year people usually reflect on the year before. Things that should have been done and things that did happen. Is there a reason to have regrets?  Maybe that is what drives us to make change. At this time I would hate to break the tradition so I do want to reflect on this last year but I am not reflecting on the items I regret.( Don’t we all regret something?) Rather, I want to show you what I consider to be my best photos of 2012. I feel my photography has improved this past  year. I look forward to what 2013 will bring as well as what I will be able to achieve.


This photo won me first place in the Scott Kelby Photowalk 2012 in the city of Saskatoon, SK. I have been wanting to go on the Worldwide Photowalk for a few years and 2012 was the year I was able to join. Can’t wait until Fall of 2013 to join in again! This photo also won  ‘Best of the Show’ in our local Photo Club Continue reading

Road ghosts?

Another phenomenon up here in cold country is the wind blowing snow across the road. It looks like the vapor you see from dry ice. It is very eerie looking as a person drives down the road. As it floats across the road it hides any black ice that may be on the road and can be dangerous. The very least is the snow drifts it causes on the road and if a driver is able to, they will avoid those drifts at all costs as no one knows how deep they really are.

On the day that these pictures were taken, it was after work just as the sun was going down. There was a slight fog out so I was able to look directly into the sun and see the large round bright circle the sun is made up of. The wind was blowing quite heavily and I had to turn my head away from the wind so I was able to see where I was walking. My hair was flowing to and fro and as the wind hit my face it produced a sharp icy cold. The wind being inhaled made me cough from the chill. A remote start for the car is nice but also a wonderful necessity so that when I enter my car I am able to touch the steering wheel without my hands freezing. Most people here keep an emergency kit in their trunk just in case it gets so cold Continue reading

Welcome to the First Blog Post

_DSC0984As I write my first blog post I have in the back of my mind the snow fall warning of today. The thermometer says -10C but it really feels like -17C. I want to go out shooting around the neighbourhood with all the snow coming down and the lovely frost on all the trees. Will it be too cold for my camera? The drawback of living on the prairies in winter is how cold it really does get which makes it hard to go out and take photos.

Some of the most loveliest of scenes is in the winter when there is ice crystals floating in the air or when the lights of the city shine straight up in the sky instead of the usual round aura of light. This phenomenon is called Continue reading