What is in my Bag?

This is where I will let you in on what is in my camera bag. It is always interesting what tools a photographer uses to produce their art. I will add more as I bring more tools into the bag.

I shoot with a Nikon D7000. I bought this camera when my other camera wasn’t able to do the things I needed it to do.  When I first opened the box and saw this beautiful camera I was in awe. I couldn’t believe how much power I had with this. The thick manual confirmed it.  This I read and reread and now it is all dog-eared and still I keep it in my bag for reference.

This is my second camera. At one time is was my only camera. When I got it I was so excited about all the things it could do. I bought it because I dropped the Coolpix camera I owned at the time. I shot pictures of the local hockey team on a volunteer basis, and I needed another camera right away after the Coolpix I was using at the time broke and it was in the middle of the hockey season. I laid down my money and bought the NikonD50.

A couple of kit lenses came with the above cameras but they just occupy space on my desk for now. I use the following lenses depending on what I go out to shoot. I find though the versatile Nikon 18 – 200mm Lens is great for travelling.

The following accessories I have as well. I have a Battery grip for those times when I need the extra battery power such as being on vacation or using the Live View function on the D7000.

battery grip

I have a speed light but I don’t do too much indoor photography so it doesn’t get used too much. I do use it as a fill flash on bright sunny days outside. The one area where I plan to learn more is indoor portrait photography. Then this speed light will be invaluable.


I also have a tripod but it  is getting old and I am planning to update it soon.  I will post a picture when I do. I use my tripod for bracketing photos for HDR and also for  Long Exposures.

The final item I have in my bag is newly acquired. I bought the Lee Filter system. I have the foundation kit and also the Big 10 Stopper. I haven’t had the occasion to use it too much. I am looking forward to making those photos you see where the water is milky and/or the clouds are smooth. This will be a learning curve for me but I am excited for the challenge.

LeeFilterSystem     Big Stopper

I also have the regular items in my bag such as remote control for the camera, battery charger, lens cleaning pens, pens, paper, camera manual, wet ones (for dirty hands), lint brush for clients who may get dust or grass on their formal clothes and a flash drive (in case I have to dump pictures on to my computer as well as the flash drive for back up)

Is there anything you would recommend me to carry in my bag that you can’t live without toting in your bag? Leave me a comment.

Or just leave me a comment to say you have read this page. I like having visitors and I also like reading your blog in return.


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